Lift Planning

Imperatore’s comprehensive lift planning process carefully evaluates pad loading and site conditions to capture every detail surrounding a project’s hoisting operations, long before any equipment arrives at the job site.

Utilizing the latest 3D lift plan and AutoCAD software programs, our experienced team of estimators and engineers assures that the safest and most cost-effective equipment is selected for your project.

Planning Process:

  • Project Overview with Customer
  • Site Walks & Measurements
  • Detailed Rigging Diagrams & Lift Plans
  • Ground Bearing Pressure Study
  • Max Allowable Wind Speed Study
  • P.E. Review & Stamp Available

Structural Solutions

Thinking “Outside the box” isn’t just a phrase to us, it’s our way of life. Focusing on a “better way” is what gives Imperatore and their customers the ability to offer a client or owner a different option, which usually translates to a significant savings of cost and time. Please feel free to contact us with your out of the ordinary project. Our design and engineering team will find a way – when other companies ask why, we ask why not.